Sewing & Knitting for Survivorsproject-hope

Project Hope includes volunteers who offer their time and talent in sewing the beautifully crafted tote bags and pillows. Volunteers can pick up pre-cut kits from the Southwest Florida Affiliate office and sew at home at their convenience. Once completed, the tote bags and pillows are returned to the office and are prepared for distribution.

Project Hope also includes shawls, pillows which are included in the tote bag. Volunteers have the opportunity and flexibility to offer their time and talent to knit these shawls. Much like the mini pillows, the shawls offer warmth and comfort to the patient as they endure their treatment.

Because all of these items are made lovingly by volunteers, it gives patients a sense of comfort and love knowing they have people supporting them and giving them hope.

To donate your time or talents to Project Hope, please read below:

The fabric and yarn kits may be picked up at the Komen office at 4061 Bonita Beach Road at the corner of Bonita Beach Rd. and Vanderbilt Rd. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9-3 PM, but we suggest that you call before stopping by just to make sure someone is available (239-498-0016). Someone in the office will sign out the kit in your name; for the first time we ask that you only take one kit until you are sure it is something you will enjoy doing. When you return your completed project to the office, please feel free to take more kits. Also, please return the Ziplock bags and the directions as well.

There is no time limit on when the completed bag needs to be returned…just have fun with it and remember how much a patient will appreciate this gesture of caring.


Each kit has all the fabric pieces pre-cut and labeled for you along with a set of directions for making the bag. Please don’t stray from the intended placement of fabrics (i.e. switching the outside and inside pocket fabrics) or the directions (i.e. placing the inside pocket on the front panel rather than the back panel).


The shawls should be knitted. Each kit has enough yarn for one shawl. There are 2 sheets of information/instruction. One sheet has the size we are looking for and a garter stitch pattern. The second sheet has a different pattern choice. You can also use whatever pattern you like that fits the size requirement (20in x 60in). Should you wish to provide your own yarn, please use shades of pink.

For further inquiries, please contact our office:

239-498-0016 | | 4061 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 103, Bonita Springs, FL 34134, M-F 9AM-5PM