Statement of Need

The findings from the 2015 Komen Southwest Florida Community Profile revealed that Charlotte County has the highest needs within our service area.

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Drawing from the profile, Komen Southwest Florida has identified the following funding priority areas:

  • By FY18, establish a well-defined and focused network for all stakeholders involved in breast health care in Charlotte County. (Selected to enhance communication among agencies.)
  • Create value-added opportunities to enhance networking for breast health care and social service professionals in the area. (Selected to formalize the Affiliate’s role with real contributions)
  • In FY16, conduct a feasibility study to determine the levels of giving and financial support opportunities available to further Komen’s Mission in the county. (Selected to better inform the Affiliate about the county’s fund raising potential to address the needs identified in the Community Profile Report.)
  • Cultivate donor support in Charlotte County and engage individuals to commit their time and talents towards Komen’s Mission. (Selected to address the Affiliate need to build human and financial support to uphold Komen’s Mission.)
  • Partner with community-based outreach/health organizations to effectively increase access to breast health information and services in special target populations. (Selected to maximize resources to address the needs of senior adults, rural residents, and minority populations.)
  • Partner with local churches and the Black/African-American community to effectively increase access to breast health care information and services to women. (Selected to address the critical need to work with Black/African-American residents.)
  • Create a team of volunteers that can serve as ambassadors to targeted areas of the county. (Selected to expand the Affiliate’s capacity for outreach and education.)
  • Initiate a public relations awareness program in the county to highlight the needs identified in the Community Profile Report. (Selected to enhance Komen presence in the county and to promote services available)