Pink Promise Society

Members of the society are individuals who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to supporting the mission of Susan G. Komen by making a minimum $1,000 annual donation to the Southwest Florida Affiliate.

This Society was named in honor of the promise made between two sisters… to end breast cancer forever.

Members include:

Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles
Dr. Anita Arnold
Kathleen Azzariti
Dr. Lea Blackwell
Dr. Alan Brown
Ann Ciccarelli
Christine Clifford
Stephanie Coburn
Carol Culotta
Cheryl Deavers
Sarah Dennett
Eileen Ebin
Steven Ershowsky
Barbara Everist
Glenna Froelich
Ryan Frost
Anne Gebbie
Claire Hauenstein
Georgia Hitzke
Louise Hollins
Joanne Jacobs
Lauren Jaconsen
Jennifer Johnson
Bob Josephson
Tricia Kassling
Sandra Lay
Dara Leichter
Mary Ann Loh
Joan Loonam
Mariann MacDonald
Bob MacDonald
Megan MacDonald Miller
Cynthia McHenry
Andrew Miller
Kathy Miller
Dr. Keith Miller
Renee Moore
Sandi Moran
Jeanne Murtaugh
Charlie Myrick
Ken O’Donnell
Nadine O’Donnell
Amber O’Shaughnessy
Carol Oliver
Bonnie Olson
Barbara Oppenheim
Roberta Patton
Dr. Mary Kay Peterson
Camilla Pierre
Lou Pontius
Bill Rice
Dr. David Rock
Carolyn Rogers
Laura Roth
Marci Sanders
Gail Santucci
Patricia Schlegel
June Shafer
Dr. Troy Shell
Ann Simon
Amanda Smith
Gail Smith
Karen Smith
F. Samuel Smith
Carole Snider
Jennifer Stanley
Penny Stasio
Nancy Sutton
Pamela Tacy
Barbara Taefi
Layne Tarbutton
Brenda Tate
Dorothy Taylor
Noreen Thomas
Marilyn Thyen
Connie Von Zwehl
Ana Waleri
Gayla Wright